The research phase of the UKDP/Kennel Club Charitable Trust biomarker project is now complete, with 105 dogs fully tested (biomarkers, echo and Holter); 77 as part of the cardiac biomarker project, the others as clinical cases. An additional 25 dogs had one or more repeat tests. Many thanks to all who participated.

The data are now being analysed and written up by the Principal Investigator, Dr Jo Dukes-McEwan, with the assistance of a statistician. When this phase is complete, Jo will submit the findings to a scientific journal and will also evaluate the best way to present the results to the dobermann community.

In the meantime, a number of people have asked the Breed Health Co-ordinator, Sue Thorn, for help in interpreting the results of their tests. Sue is unable to assist with this; owners need to speak to the cardiologist who did the tests or to their own vet. However, the forms that accompany the three types of tests (biomarker, echo, Holter) do contain much useful information on the reverse of the owner copy and so we have brought them together in the document below. Some of the terminology on the echo form is rather specialist; an explanation can be provided for those with the knowledge to understand it. The full copies of the certificates are also attached below.

May 2017

Summary of results information

Dobermann Biomarker test results form

Dobermann Echo test results form

Dobermann Holter test results form