Claire Daniel Handling Challenge


FOUR Dobermann clubs have formed a working party which they have called the ‘UK Dobermann Partnership’ with the permission of the Kennel Club.


A grand total of £3253 was raised by Claire Daniel for the DCM fund.

Claire Daniel has waited 14 years to handle a Dobermann in the ring at a Championship Show. On Sunday at SKC, she gets her chance, handling a bitch. All proceeds of this challenge will go to the DCM research fund, for the newly formed Uk Dobermann partnership. We have a record of your pledges and we will give you details shortly of how to donate. The funds will go direct to the UK Dobermann Partnership. Hopefully we can get someone to video Claire " in action " lol and post on this Group for those not making the trip to Scotland. Gary D

All cheques can be made payable to UK Dobermann Partnership.